This month’s
Midas Members

Today we celebrate these
compassionate caregivers for
using care as their day-to-day compass

Every month, two team members from each participating facility receive the Midas Touch award. This is a proud recognition of their heartfelt dedication, their unwavering enthusiasm, and the positive influence they have had on the lives of those in their care.



  • Mike Shvarts
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Salomie McKenzie
    CNA Nursing
  • Jacqueline Gayle Brown
  • Althea Blunt
    CNA Nursing
  • Candida Frias
    CNA Nursing
  • Erin Wong
  • Pravinsin Barad
    PTA Rehabilitation
  • Yafei Cai
    Social Worker
  • Angela Bragimoff
    Recreation Therapist Recreation
  • Kofi Kuffour
    Aide Dietary Towne
  • Ricardo Palmer
    Housekeeping Aide Towne
  • Chrisna Singh
    CNA Nursing
  • Ezra Rowe
    LPN Nursing
  • Rita Litchfield
    Patient Representative
  • Wilda Exantus
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