Taking care of our caretakers
We put our caregivers first so they put care first. The spirit of camaraderie has true healing power, and facility wide commitment uplifts residents and improves their quality of life. It’s that simple: Better people = better patients.
Doctors take
the Hippocratic Oath
Historically taken by physicians and widely credited to Hippocrates as its originator, the Hippocratic Oath is a physician’s vow to uphold specific ethical standards.
Caregivers give
the Midas Touch
Developed by a consortium of leading healthcare facilities, Midas Touch and the Golden Care Commitment set the new standard of care administration
3 program
the Golden Care
Champion healthcare excellence throughout the nation and beyond by helping spread the word and inviting more caregivers into the initiative
and serve our
senior citizens
Eradicate subpar care in nursing and rehabilitation facilities across America, and fill the days of golden-aged residents with love, comfort and cheer
the nation’s
top caregivers
Spotlight the industry’s most undervalued and underappreciated staff by giving them the respect and gratitude they undoubtedly deserve