Resetting the
care standard

We build communities
with care as our compass

Current facilities

Midas Touch is an initiative to improve the quality, compassion and personalization of care provided to golden-aged residents. Shared by some of the nation’s most venerable healthcare facilities, Midas Touch combines powerful internal motivation and a platform for honoring individual dedication, effectively fostering a remarkable family of personnel

A personal promise
By signing our Golden Care Commitment, each caregiver pledges to uphold a firm code of conduct. Focused on celebration rather than constriction, this encourages professionalism, friendliness, team spirit, and a personal drive to go the extra mile.
Facility wide in-servicing
Beyond typical training, Midas Touch kicks off with an exciting personnel enrollment event. Staff members enjoy motivational messages, inspiring group seminars, and monthly follow-up sessions to keep interests and passions in the right place.
Awards for attitude
Team members receive honorary awards and tokens of gratitude. Every pledgee receives a custom pin; two members are nominated for the monthly Midas Touch Award; and a special patch is affixed to the uniform of golden ambassadors.